About Us

Founded in Sydney, Australia by specialists in mobile data optimisation who identified the opportunity to empower inclusive mobile connection by removing the data cost barrier to engage mobile audiences.

We empower inclusive mobile connection
and engagement.

The Datafree Portal enables enterprises of all types to provide rich mobile experiences to employees, customers and consumers by completely removing the data cost barrier, and in turn, increasing user engagement.


We have development teams in Australia, South Africa and India.

Why Datafree?

By removing the data cost barrier, mobile users are more engaged, and this extends your reach to broader mobile audiences.


  • Reverse billed mobile data applies the concept of
    toll-free numbers to mobile data.
  • Mobile users incur no data cost when accessing Datafree websites and apps.
  • Enterprises pay aggregated data usage costs for mobile user access to their specific digital services.
  • Mobile users need no airtime or data balance on their SIM card for Datafree to work.

How Datafree works

We have reverse-billed data agreements with mobile network operators (MNOs) and the Datafree Portal online dashboard provides a range of product options and single point of implementation to direct mobile user traffic through the Datafree Gateway.

We forward mobile internet traffic to customers’ internet servers and websites. All mobile traffic passing through the Datafree gateway is reverse billed to Datafree by the MNOs. We aggregate a customer’s data usage across all MNOs into a single bill to the customer.