Make your website datafree.


By defining your website configuration in our Datafree Portal, all traffic—even 3rd party traffic for resources, CDNs and analytics—can be made datafree by sending all requests via our Datafree Gateway.

To create a Reach app in our self-serve Datafree Portal, you define all the domains related to traffic requests in your website. Each of those domains gets mapped to a unique datafree domain so that the request comes through our Datafree Gateway.

Once you have defined your website domains and mapped them as part of your datafree configuration, you now have a datafree website accessible on a unique datafree domain, eg.


Requests coming from the website on the device go to our Datafree Gateway via the mobile network. Our Gateway then forwards the requests to the respective back end servers.

Since our Gateway sits on IP addresses that are already zero rated with the mobile networks, the request is datafree.

We add value to your reverse billed solution

Once your website is set up using Datafree Reach, it is automatically datafree across all the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). Cut down the paperwork by not having to deal with each MNO individually.

You can also become a Licensee and use our cloud-based Datafree Platform services anywhere in the world.

You have full control of your reverse billed solution. Using our Datafree Portal, you can enter daily and/or monthly data consumption quotas. This allows you to manage your data bill and receive alerts when you are getting close to your consumption limits.

Through our robust reporting, we provide visibility of your data usage. We provide granular reporting on data consumption, MNO breakdowns, data optimisation analytics, total users and user engagement.

The Datafree Platform is highly secure. We only allow whitelisted traffic to traverse our Gateway. Unregistered domains and IP addresses are blocked and logged.

Read more about Datafree Reach in our Knowledge Base