Engage your customers

Increase productivity

Expand your reach

Reverse Billed Mobile Data

Similar to toll free calling, reverse billed mobile data allows you to deliver content from websites, apps and dedicated IP addresses to customers, employees or any other online audience at no mobile data cost to them, even with no airtime or data balance.

You can make any online service #datafree


Reach more customers and increase engagement with your #datafree website content.

Online portals

Increase inclusion for employees, communities, citizens, or any other audience by giving them access to key online resources #datafree.

Third-party apps

Control your operational data allocation spend by making sure your employees only use data from apps that boost productivity, like maps or sales apps.

Your app

Make it easier for customers, employees, communities, citizens, or any other audience to make use of your apps.

Increase the productivity of your workforce

Enable your employees and team members to always be connected without worry about data cost or the need for airtime & data balance.

Reasons to go #datafree

Increase your website traffic

In a mobile first world consumers, but there are many customers that would prefer to spend less on mobile data while browsing your site or online store. Give your business the edge by giving your customers a datafree experience. Not only will you build a strong brand reputation, but you will keep customers on your site for longer, giving them more time to get o know you, or select the perfect products from your e-commerce store.

Take the admin out of access

Datafree takes the hassle out of buying SIM cards, or allocating data even adding a data allowance into salaries for your employees. With our solution, you will always know that the data employees use will only be for work tasks or applications. And best of all, you can monitor the usage in real time.

Promote inclusive access

Whether you are a Government department looking to increase online access to services or ensure that your citizens have equal participation in the legislature; or if you are a business looking to make sure your employees can work from home, without worrying about the cost of mobile data, Datafree has a solution for you.

Advanced reporting

With our solution, you can dive deep into user engagement and network management. You can track the average usage per user for return on investment and you can receive time of day reporting. If your business needs any other specific KPI’s tracked, we are able to build a specialised report for you. 

Overcome the data cost barrier for your customers

Many people struggle to afford the cost of mobile data and will be selective about the websites and digital services they use. Taking the worry out of data cost brings you closer to your customers.

What makes us different

State of the art technology

All our Datafree solutions are built on our world-class cloud platform bringing you the best technology for your needs. Our solution has been fine-tuned allowing us to create tailored products for your business case.

Easy set up

Our solutions are easy to implement, but we also offer bespoke solutions that our team of exceptional developers and technologists can manage from end-to-end.

Convenient solutions

Our offerings are convenient and keep customers in mind. You are able to monitor the data usage and will receive frequent reports to ensure that your business knows exactly what it needs to, when it needs to.

Cost effective

We have negotiated the best possible data rate with our mobile network partners and our costs are clearly defined so you know exactly what you will need to pay, no more bill shock. Cap spend on your solution to ensure that you stay within your budget.